Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sites do you develop?

“NOT404” web studio develops any website that is not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Internet shops, Internet representations, Corporate sites, Official sites, Information sites, Personal sites, Personal sites, Art sites, Real estate sites, Real estate sales, Commercial sites, Business sites. We specialize in the development of profitable (profitable) business websites (commercial websites).

2. Are you responsible for the work done?

Web studio “NOT404” bears full responsibility for the work of the sites we create.

3. What is the minimum website price?

Starting at $ 600

4. Is the list of website creation services limited to website conversion?

Web studio can offer a much larger list of services related to website creation and website conversion. You can familiarize yourself with them by contacting us

5. Are there any restrictions on choosing a server?

NOT404 Web Studio develops websites that can run on any server.

6. Do you help in website promotion and advertising?

The web studio provides a similar service.

7. Can I personally maintain the site?

After full payment, we provide a login և password to access the site. With them, you have full access to all sections of the site. You have the right to do whatever you want – edit, change, add, delete, etc.

8. Do you keep your work confidential?

Web Studio respects business privacy.

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